Shaun Grech (b.1976) is a Maltese 'artist', academic and activist. As an 'artist', Grech's work explores uncomfortable social, cultural, corporeal and political intersections. Expressed in raw and uninhibited ways, Grech's very own interpretations of societies chaotic, disabling, oppressive, often absurd, typify his work as uncompromising and fearlessly political and veritable. His work is found in numerous private collections and has recently been acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts in Malta and the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art in Serbia. As an academic, Grech is a sociologist engaged in the intersections of decolonial theory, critical disability studies and critical theory.

"His work is definitely beyond our normal conception of approach with human figures...There is surely an element of unorthodox intellectuality within these pictures"
- E. Fiorentino, Times of Malta 

"Grech’s paintings are probably as close as we get to outsider art in Malta"
- C. Bonello, Sunday Circle

"I consider this artist a real "outsider artist"...he is not interested in creating a landscape or an abstract and does not care much about what other contemporary artists are doing. He is mainly interested in creating situations through the depiction of characters that relate a particular situation" 
- L. Lagana, Times of Malta


* 15th January - 28th February 2021

Dehumaneation, Solo Exhibition, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, Malta

- Curated by Raphael Vella 

Funded by the Malta Arts Fund – Project Support Grant (2nd Call 2020) 

*April 2007

Collective, Fra Giuseppi's, Balzan, Malta 

*March 2007

Collective, Hilton Hotel, St, Julian's, Malta

*Oct-Nov 2006

A Little Audacity- collective exhibition: Picturehouse warehouse gallery, Mosta, Malta

*June-July 2006

Pictures from the Outside (cont.)- solo: 88, Melita Street, Valletta, Malta

*Feb–Mar 2006

Pictures from the Outside- solo: St, James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta

*Dec 2005

Deviations: collective exhibition: Gallery Last Touch, Mosta, Malta

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